2008_03_bosnialie.jpgThe Post's cover story takes Senator Hillary Clinton to task for falsely claiming she faced sniper fire during her 1996 trip to Bosnia. Not only does the Post speak to former acting president Ejup Ganic, there's also comment from then 8-year-old girl who greeted Clinton and read her a poem.

Emina Bicakcic, who is now 20 years old and studying to be a doctor, said she was "surprised" to hear about Clinton's recent dramatic retelling of the visit, which Clinton later admitted was a misspoken statement after all video footage and photographs showed what actually happened. Bikcakcic said she wasn't scared, "just excited" and eager to see Clinton.

Also, Bikcakcic didn't criticize Clinton but also "admitted that she is not supporting Clinton in her contest against Barack Obama," explaining she's "staying neutral. I have very mixed emotions about it. It's a difficult situation for me."

Ganic said that there were safety concerns, so they shortened the ceremony. Still, he said, "There was a little bit of risk, but it was not like that. She didn't run." Other Bosnians were less forgiving: A 29-year-old said, "It was a horrible lie" and the deputy editor-in-chief of the largest newspaper told the Post, "When someone threatens your life, you don't make a mistake."