City Comptroller William ThompsonAccusations that Mayor Bloomberg favors Manhattan more than the other boroughs aren't that surprising, but politicos are taking advantage of Bloomby's missteps. Prompted by the Mayor considering rethinking the reduced garbage pick-up proposal - but only in Manhattan - city officials are up in arms. Especially City Comptroller William Thompson, who has been the most vocal about the apparent favoritism, who said, "We must not engage in borough warfare." That makes some others think Thompson has other things in mind, like the city's Democratic Finance Committee chair David Weprin who said Thompson's words "sounded like a mayoral candidate's statement."

For Gothamist, "borough warfare" =The Warriors. The city's Department of Sanitation website.

The Mayor's communications director is working overtime to spin the Mayor's behavior. The Observer speaks with the beleaguered William Cunningham.