Remember last year's crazy Borough Park riot when police arrested a 75 year old Hasidic man for talking on a cellphone while driving? The police tried to arrested Arthur Schick, who resisted, and other Hasids got involved, started a protest and fires and trapped a cop in a car? Many Hasids were arrested, two cops were injured, and there were claims that police used racial epithets ("This is how we treat niggers" and "Get the f---ing Jews out of here") during the incident. Well, now one of the Hasidic men arrested is suing the NYPD for $11 million.

The Post reports that Chaim Appel's court papers say "he was tossed against the hood of a car, his face bruised and his glasses smashed, before he was cuffed and hauled off to jail while his 9-year-old son looked on." And what's more, a sergeant allegedly partially yanked his beard off (ouch!). Apple's lawyer, who says Appel and his son were pushed into the crowd, added that everyone points him out as the man who got "arrested during the riots," causing him great embarrassment.

The police contended that Appel tried to trip the sergeant, Thomas Gulotta, but the Brooklyn DA's office ended up dropping charges against Appel. And since discussions wiht the Civilian Complaint Review Board led to nothing, Appel is suing.

Last year, the Observer's Jason Horowitz had an interesting article about the Hasidic community after the riot.