Puerto Rican flags; Photo - AP

Yesterday, Fifth Avenue was filled with millions of people celebrating the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Many revelers think the parade just keeps getting better and better, a point many felt necessary to make after the "Central Park wildings" after 2000's parade (young men assaulted young women). Mayor Bloomberg chastised Fifth Avenue hotels and buildings who closed their doors to the parade and constructed fences to protect buildings and trees from garbage being thrown, apparently worried that the parade would get out of hand. Newsday reports a "maraca-clutching" Bloomberg as saying, "I think it's a disgrace. I don't think it sends the right message." The police, who were criticized in 2000 for not having enough presence along the parade route, have had many police officers on patrol this year. And the Times, amid thoughts from Puerto Ricans enjoying the festivities, noted that Senator Hillary Clinton "broke into a restrained jig." Clearly, Gothamist needs to work on a collage of politicians getting their jiggy on at parades.

The Grand Marshall of the parade was the CEO of Banco Popular, Richard Carrion. More pictures at the Daily News.