Might Gothamist suggest a general rule for members of the NYPD who choose to drink on the job: Don't pee on the side of buildings. Especially not in full view of security cameras and neighbors.

Why do we mention this golden shower rule? Because early Friday morning detectives Donald Herlihy and Michael Grady were busted for not keeping it in mind. While driving around in their unmarked car drinking Heinekens detective Grady discovered he really had to break the seal. In order to facilitate Grady's relief, the pair pulled over on Baxter St. and Grady went and did his business on the side of a building. Unfortunately for the pair a neighbor was just then (this is around 2:40 A.M.) putting out his trash. The unidentified neighbor saw the unmarked car flash its siren and asked if the two were cops, a fact which Grady denied before pretending to walk around the corner. To make matters worse, the whole thing was caught on surveillance cameras (right). The pair then quickly left the scene only to be caught again two hours later after being reported by the neighbor. Grady was suspended from the force as was Herlihy, who was also arrested for driving while intoxicated.