An "Occuparty" at a half-finished apartment complex at Driggs and North Eighth Street in Williamsburg was broken up by the police last night, as a "few dozen" protesters moved trash cans, chanted and pondered a march down Bedford Avenue. While the Daily News and the Post both report arrests and injuries to the police, the NYPD couldn't confirm how many or what the charges were, and declined to say whether or not any service members were injured.

Banners were hoisted, booze flowed freely, and yes, livestreamers were there. After an hour or so in the building, which features ten units at $625,000 a pop, "about 40 cops" arrived at 11 p.m. to break things up. Around 30 protesters headed to the corner of North Sixth and Bedford in front of New York Muffins, and began chanting, blocking traffic and moving trash cans into the street. There were calls for a march but none materialized, and police made several arrests. The suggestion that cops were "thrown head-1st @ cars" couldn't be confirmed.

We weren't there, but we'd humbly suggest keeping alcohol and direct action separate. As one attendee on Twitter opined, "Gave up on #occuparty. It died slow sad death."