accuwx_0821.gifThis may turn out to be the most boring weather week of the year. As Gothamist looks out our window we see a few fair weather cumulus over the Upper West Side. Those few clouds may be the most exciting weather we see all week. Clear skies and pleasant temperatures should prevail through Friday. Oh, some clouds may make an appearance on Wednesday, and again on Friday, but they won't be that much more extensive than this morning's lonely mass of suspended water droplets.

The reasons for the weather lull are two Canadian high pressure systems. A cold front ahead of the first passed through last night, bringing us slightly cooler, and much drier, air today. Perfect for spraying for West Nile Virus tonight in Brooklyn and Staten Island. The second high pressure system will get here Wednesday night. That will usher in slightly cooler and drier air. Don't worry about summer ending anytime soon, by cooler air we mean in the low-80s rather than today's mid-80s.

This morning's surface weather map from