2007_02_library.gifThe death of the written word must be near, because City College wants to build a power plant inside its library. Via the Columbia Spectator, the school wants to build a 16,700 square foot power plant in the 20,722 square foot Morris Raphael Cohen Library - an 80% reduction of space. The power plant would be used to support two new science facilities, which begs the question, why couldn't they build the power plant in the Science and Engineering Library?

Students and faculty are worried about crowding as well as health issues. Another weird thing about this: Because of the power plant's size, the school would have to move 200,000 books. City College's paper, The Campus, reports that books might be dumped because it would be expensive to relocate them. Sell them to Google!

And in downtown college news, some shredder-less NYU kids caused a room fire after burning receipts. The roommates thought the fire was out, so they went to watch 24 - only for the fire alarm to go off 10 minutes later.