We can't decide if this trend is more or less inappropriate than the slatternly tween Halloween costume fad. While it's true that only a very sick perv would be aroused by these provocative pooch costumes, isn't that also true of the "Devil Grrrl" costume for eight-year-olds? As we were recently reminded by that New Jersey cow-fucking incident, bestiality is still a thing, and if you're going to go out with your dog dressed like this, you should definitely keep it on a tight leash.

Also, some of the scantily-clad dogs posing on the Spoiled Rotten Doggies site definitely appear to be underage puppies. Well, at least there's finally something sexy on the internet that man can enjoy with his best friend. Get it now before the ASPCA shuts it down, Marmaduke! [Salon, via Buzzfeed]