In the not-so-shocking news department, the Wall Street Journal reports that Mark Madoff and Andrew Madoff, sons of Ponzi schemer extraordinaire Bernard Madoff, "have been wrestling with what to do next" and have been unsuccessful in landing new jobs.

Mark Madoff, the former co-director of trading at his dad's "investment" firm, has apparently been looking for work in the investment arena (trading desk, trading technology) but hasn't had luck, of course: "He was near tears while describing his feelings about his father, the person added, asking why anyone would bring his son to work at a crooked investment firm." Well, to perpetuate the scheme, of course!

Brother Andrew (another co-director at the old firm) "has considered starting a firm involved in disaster recovery, according to someone who has talked to some of his relatives." The two brothers are being sued for millions—the trustee in charge of liquidating their father's estate says they benefited from Bernie's largesse to the tune of over $120 million.

Other employees are also having a hard time find jobs—namely the assistants to Bernard Madoff and his brother Peter Madoff. Bernie's former assistant Eleanor Squillari "went to beauty school this summer and plans to look for work at a hair salon while selling her handmade jewelry. [She] lives in a two-bedroom apartment in the New York City borough of Staten Island, near the house she had to sell earlier this year. It makes her angry that former co-workers linked to the fraud still have their big houses and expensive cars." (However, she was paid $50,000 to write about her experience in Vanity Fair.) And Peter's old assistant Eleanor Soloman said of her inability to find new work, "I need someone who doesn't care about Madoff."