Jon Corzine, the former NJ Governor who basically let his latest company, MF Global, "vaporize" $1.2 billion, has been summering in the Hamptons. But don't envy him too much: The Post reports that he "was looking worn out and gaunt earlier this week as he trudged along Main Street in East Hampton on his way back from the local Starbucks."

The former Goldman Sachs head loved risky trades, has been blamed for decimating the MF Global, and had to deny accusations that he improperly transferred client money (because $1.2 billion is missing). His friend told the Post, "He’s certainly not getting the invitations that he would have gotten before... I think it was pretty noticeable that he was haggard and somewhat unfocused. You can definitely see that he’s a troubled man right now." More or less troubled than when he almost died when he didn't use his seat belt?

The troubled Corzine has not been a hermit—besides Starbucks, he's been going to "Nick and Toni’s restaurant in East Hampton and the American Hotel restaurant in Sag Harbor." Obviously the lesson is: Leading your firm to ruin doesn't mean you can't enjoy good grub!