2008_09_bonjovi.jpgBarack Obama made his way through New Jersey yesterday, capping off a day of campaigning and fund raising with a $30k a head dinner party at Bon Jovi's house last night. Bon Jovi joked about Barack being more than experienced enough for the Oval Office saying, "When I look at Barack, I see an old man." (Obama is one year Bon Jovi's senior.) Obama spoke briefly saying he expected the attacks to worsen, following the aggressive tone set at the RNC. He even questioned how his opponent truly felt about the campaign his party was about to wage saying, "If you asked John McCain if this is the kind of campaign he intended,' he might say 'No.'" A few miles away , McCain's campaign held a rally at the Lincroft Inn. "We'll have to make due with Jon Bon Jovi on stereo," said state coordinator Rick Mroz.