Yesterday morning a Queens man was awakened by the unenviable sensation of boiling water poured on his genitals by his wife. Emmanuel "Ojo" Ojofeitimi, 67, sustained second and third degree burns over 30% of his body; his wife Oyindamola Ojofeitimi told cops she was motivated by the discovery that her husband of 20 years had been unfaithful. Speaking to the Post from his hospital bed last night, Ojofeitimi explained that "I didn't know what had happened. By the time I woke up, the skin was falling off." A neighbor says, "It sounded like a woman screaming," and tells the Daily News that Ojofeitimi, a Nigerian immigrant and nurse like his wife, was carried out on a stretcher. But he insists he wasn't cheating, telling the Post, "She does not know how to forgive and forget; she doesn't let anything go by. If I come home late from work, she's always assuming that I'm with a woman." His wife was charged with assault and harassment; her lawyer maintains that Ojofeitimi "had a history of abusing her both physically and psychologically." If so, they can probably call it even now.