2007_07_pooper.jpgFor those of you dreaming about brownstone Brooklyn, here's your stinky wake-up call: The "Mad Crapper" that has been leaving poop all around Boerum Hill is an actual person, versus a dog wanting privacy. Someone emailed Curbed and Brownstoner with a crazy account:

I just spent my morning cleaning poop off of my stoop. For the second time in two weeks I got pooped on. This time I saw her. I live on Dean St between Hoyt and Bond. 6:00am this morning my wife heard..... well peeing.... she woke me up and I went to the door. I live in the garden apartment so I looked up and saw butt—thus I yelled 'HEY MOVE YOUR ASS!!!!' This was the first time in my life that I literally meant it.

The resident's assessment: A mentally disturbed woman. He even spoke to the police, who told him to file a report at the station. Brownstoner thinks the description of the poop perp is familiar: "It actually sounds a lot like the woman who we found giving herself a makeshift bath in the doorway of our ground floor during our renovations a couple of years ago." The challenging thing is (and we know this from our experience calling 311 to help out a mentally disturbed person) that city agencies can only do so much; if the person wanders off, there's no way of making sure homeless services will arrive in time.

At any rate, residents are keeping their cool. One told the Daily News, "I was annoyed - it's disgusting - but it's New York. Something always stinks." A post about poop requires mention of New York Shitty (those with hardy constitutions, check out the "Bushwick Bung du Jour"). And the city's public toilets are supposed to start appearing this year, more or less.

Photograph by dogseat on Flickr