Early yesterday morning, a driver discovered a body wrapped in plastic under his car in the Greenwood Heights (or Sunset Park) section of Brooklyn. Ashraf Ali told the Post, "My friend looked out of the car and saw a leg sticking out. I thought he was joking."

When Ali, who had driven just 15 feet from the Dunkin' Donuts factory where he works, looked out, he saw a hand under the car, "I saw a clear plastic bag with a body. I was so scared, I was shaking." Another co-worker said, "He saw feet without any shoes on sticking out... He looked like he had seen a ghost. It's horrible."

Police said the body was of Daniel Vargas, 19, of Bensonhurst. According to the Daily News, the ME's office classified his death as a homicide, since he was "strangled and suffered multiple skull fractures consistent with being beaten with blunt and sharp-edged objects... Investigators believe Vargas was killed elsewhere and dumped from a truck outside the doughnut factory." Vargas' neighbors were shocked, with one saying, "He was quiet, respectful. He was a nice kid."