The body of a woman uncovered from the cement floor of a Newark carriage house seems to be tied to a fake plastic surgeon who has been under investigation by authorities. Police matched the serial numbers of the breast implants in the body to those of missing Manhattan bank analyst Maria Cruz. Cruz was last seen last April and had been a patient of Dean Faiello, who was practicing surgery without a license. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's office charged him last year, and Faiello pled guilty and paid a fine. However, he went on the run last September before sentencing. Faiello had owned the Newark house, and police decided to break open the concrete floor, noticing it was newly made. Police believe Cruz's death was caused by cosmetic surgery complications. An analyst at Barclay's, friends of Cruz suggest that she was depressed over a breakup at the time of her disappearance; the Post says Cruz had a self-image problem, having fat removed from her face and the breast augmentation. That means thousands of New York women have self-image problems.