The daughter of Alistair Cooke testified against a man accused of taking the late broadcaster's body to be harvested for organs and bones. The Rev. Susan Cooke Kittredge said her father "would have been against" donating his body to others, "He didn't like the idea of being cut up."

The other thing is that Cooke died of lung cancer which had spread to his bones, and the FDA prohibits the use of cancerous bones and organs. Prosecutors say Christopher Aldorasi noted the wrong cause of death and age for Cooke, to make it easier to sell his bones.

Aldorasi claims his boss, Michael Mastromarino, was the real mastermind. Mastromarino pleaded guilty to harvesting over 1,600 bodies from funeral homes without consent from the deceased's families and was sentenced to 18 to 54 years in jail last month. He and his associates would replace harvested bones with PVC pipes, gloves and aprons when they would returns the bodies to families.