Police descended on Walworth Street (between Flushing and Park) in Brooklyn, after two suitcases full of body parts was discovered on the sidewalk. According to the Daily News, a homeless man found the suitcases in plastic bags but then screamed, "Call the cops! There's a chopped-up person in the bags!"

However, the Post says a milk warehouse worker made the find—Upstate Dairy Farm is across the street. One worker told WABC 7, "I see a lot of police, and when I went close to the place, I saw two suitcases on the floor and I see a foot, cut of. That was horrible, a chopped up body."

Another witness told the News, "It was a foot with a Timberland shoe and sock. I couldn't see much skin. It was just bone." And WABC 7 adds, "Workers say the suitcases must have been placed there over the weekend, because they were not seen last Friday when the workers went home."

NY1 spoke to one shocked worker, "It's terrible. Especially right here, why would it happen right here? This is unbelievable. I mean when I saw this I was shocked myself, especially right here on a quiet block, especially a Jewish neighborhood and all that. Why did it have to happen right here?" The ME's office is examining the bones and may have more details at the end of the day.