Early yesterday, a transit worker found a bag containing human remains near the Nostrand Avenue on the A/C line. The bag was found during a routine inspection about 300 feet from the station on the tracks. The Daily News reports that the police said the contents of the bag contained two human legs, which were severed below the torso, and an arm. A second bag with bloody tools and drill bits were found when police arrived on the scene. The hand was matched to Rashawn Brazell from Bushwick who was missing since Friday. The find has had a Jehovah's Witness proclaiming the end of the world at the station later in the day.

This makes Gothamist wonder what kind of other crap is on the subway tracks. Actually, we don't even want to know. And where is the rest of the body? On the 2/3? Riding the shuttle between Times Square and Grand Central? If you see another bag with body parts, it might be wise to call the po po.