It's too bad the NYPD doesn't have quotas for finding missing persons, because maybe then somebody would have noticed the dead pregnant woman decomposing in a car right outside a Bronx police station for over a week. Instead, it fell to a Mount Vernon detective, who was meeting with the NYPD about an unrelated investigation, to spot her corpse, which was in a white SUV less than 100 feet from the building. Detective Sgt. Robert Scott of the Mount Vernon police tells the Times, "As he was in his car, he observed the vehicle. He recognized the vehicle and its license plate, so it was very sharp detective work."

"We put the information out, I can’t speculate on why they hadn’t seen it at that police station," says Mount Vernon Police Commissioner Carl Bell. To be fair, the vehicle was parked with its windshield facing away from the building, which is used by NYPD investigators but is not open to the public. The woman, Gizela Andrade, 32, was found dead with her seat reclined, and the SUV had tinted windows. But still... the temptation to go with "Cops Can't Find Corpse Under Their Noses" is just too great.

Andrade, who worked as a nanny and had type 1 diabetes, was found wearing the same clothes she had on when she disappeared on September 25th after a "verbal dispute" with her boyfriend. Sergeant Scott tells the Times, "He went into another room, and when he came out, she was gone." Preliminary results of an autopsy suggested the cause of death was an insulin overdose. Investigators don't suspect foul play, and 1010 Wins reports that Andrade left a note for her aunt asking her to take care of her cat.

"This is not a secluded spot," a source tells the Post. "It's right in front of the building. There are 300 cops in this building. It's a big embarrassment. They should have seen it. They should have smelled it." Andrade's family was outraged upon learning that her body was found so close to the busy police station. "How did they not see it if it was there the whole time?" family friend Flavia Ferreira asks the Daily News. "We want to know the truth. It's just unbelievable they couldn't see the car if it was there 11 days. It's just unacceptable."