Sarah Fox

The medical Examiner's office confirmed that the body found in Inwood Park was Sarah Fox's, the 21 year-old drama student who had been missing since last Wednesday. The ME's office also ruled that it was a strangulation, and the police are treating it as a homicide. Police are not sure if Fox knew her attacker or not, but remarked that the body was found with leaves and branches from a tulip poplar tree, leading them to consider that it was a ritualistic killing. They are also reviewing video surveillance cameras from area stores and checking local sexual offenders, as well as reinterviewing friends and family. Today, many newspapers focus on how Fox was beloved by those who knew her and seemed poised for a promising career on stage. While the circumstances are different, it sadly reminds Gothamist another young, aspiring actress whose life was cut short: Lyric Benson, whose ex-boyfriend killed her in a murder-suicide.