The body of a Long Island math teacher and surfer who had been missing since Sunday was found today off the coast of western Indonesia. Daniel Bobis, who had been vacationing with his wife and a friend, wiped out while surfing. His body was pulled out of the waters by fishermen, about 20 miles from where he had been.

According to ESPN, Bobis, 32, "snapped his leash in solid overhead to double overhead surf Sunday morning. He was surfing in the West Lampung province and was not seen again. Would-be rescue efforts by helicopter, dive teams, Globe Aid, and dozens of travelling surfers staying on near by islands proved fruitless until the local fisherman's fateful discovery Thursday afternoon Indonesian time." The AP says that Bobis was hit by another surfer's board.

Bobis' brother-in-law wrote on Facebook, "In this terrible time of tragedy we must keep our energy on what Danny stood for and how we can be there for his family. Danny you will never die in our hearts and we know your up in heaven ripping waves. I'll see you when I get there brother." Besides holding vigils in Long Beach, thousands flocked to a Facebook page about Bobis in hopes he would be found alive; Joe Volpi posted photographs of Bobis on the Facebook page on Monday and wrote, "So graceful on the water...... The only time I met you and your lovely wife, and you both left an impression on me. I pray for your safe return so I can take many more photos of you like this! Till we meet again, Joe."

There is a vigil for Bobis tonight at Laurelton Beach. And besides being a surfer and teacher, Bobis was the drummer for Long Island hardcore band Cipher.