This is the worst kind of bear-in-Central Park story: A dead bear cub was found in the park this morning.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "A Central Park Conservancy worker found the deceased cub under a bush near W. 69th St. and West Drive Monday morning, a New York City Police Department spokeswoman said. The employee called 911, and officers from the 22nd precinct responded, she said. The NYPD’s Animal Cruelty Squad is now investigating the matter, she added... The creature suffered some trauma and has lacerations on its side."

A Central Park Conservancy spokeswoman told the WSJ, "We’re always alarmed and distraught when any wildlife is injured. We don’t know if it was injured in Central Park." The bear was not from the Central Park Zoo.

There's an entrance to the park from Central Park West at West 69th Street that is highly trafficked, because there are playgrounds to the south and, if you continue east and cross West Drive you can cross to the Mall and Literary Walk.

The Bronx Zoo will perform a necropsy. The Central Park Zoo is getting ready to welcome grizzly bears to the former polar bear exhibit.