Police investigate 13th Street; Photo: Kill the Bird

A body was discovered near an empty lot on East 13th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. A homeless man was scavenging around and found a woman's body in a trunk yesterday afternoon. The Times spoke with a resident of the building next to the empty lot; the resident said he had seen a trunk on the sidewalk on Saturday night and found it unusual since it seem to be in good condition, versus the junk usually left on the street. The police found a towel with a dark stain nearby in a magazine stand, but have disclosed few details about the discovery, except that the body is that of a white adult woman.

Blogger Kill the Bird emailed about the investigation yesterday afternoon, after KTB's cab was detoured due to the crime scene, which closed that strip of street down. Check out Kill the Bird's photos of police searching for clues around the dumpster as well as a crowd of onlookers behind a barricade.

The Times article also notes that the neighborhood feels that the lot, empty for many years, is a magnet for dumping junk, which is odd given the state of East Village development. And, as Gothamist knows from our friend and former 13th Street resident, JW, across the street from the empty lot is where Taxi Driver filmed.