Sarah Fox

A naked body found in Inwood Park yesterday may be that of Juilliard student Sarah Fox, who has been missing since last Wednesday. Police believe it was murder, although they are still investigating the area where the woman's body was found; there is a possibility that the woman was sexually assaulted. The medical examiner's office is conducting an autopsy to make a positive ID (although there is a tattoo on the body's back), as well as determine cause of death, leading one of Fox's uncles to say, "We're still hoping it's not her. We still haven't told her mother."

The body was found by one of the hundred volunteers, friends and family members of Fox's, some who traveled from New Jersey to try to help find her. Fox's neighbor called the wooded area where the body was found somewhere "[n]o one would least not of their own volition."

There's been an interesting and thought-provoking debate about whether Fox's disappearance has received extra attention because she is white on a previous post. While there does at times seem to be a disparity, Gothamist thinks that certain things resonate with the media, regardless of color, such as age and circumstance of disappearance, as well as persistence of family members and friends who make efforts to have the story heard (Gothamist was emailed by one of Fox's friends, who requested we post something). However, there are primary obstacles of actually being able to tell the story to a media outlet that we acknowledge may be out of reach for others. But there is also something to be said for simply getting the community together: In this case, Fox's family and friends mobilized to search for her over a few days, which did result in one volunteer finding a body.