It might be another fight between the FDNY and NYPD: Police sourcesclaim that a body that a cleaning crew discovered in a burned out diner in Flushing, Queens was "overlooked" by the Fire Department when they put out the fire a week ago. The Daily News says thirty year-old Oscar Areval was found in a walk-in refrigerator, with burns and a hospital bracelet burned into his wrist; the police say that his body "left an outline on the wall where he blocked it from the fire." The FDNY denies they missed the body during the searches they did, since another scenario could be that the man set the fire and got trapped. Gothamist tends to believe that the FDNY thoroughly searched the diner - this might be an instance of the NYPD trying to assert its alpha dog status.

In other NYPD news, 130 police officers will field test handheld devices, wiring them to "retrieve warrants, wanted photos, gun licenses, orders of protection, car registrations, and thousands of other records." Segways, cargo pants, podcasts, now handhelds - give them a PSP!