2006_05_bodegatising.jpgOoh, via Capn Design (via The Go Figure), Adidas is turning up the marketing for its adicolor shoes with some cool in-store displays. Only the stores are not Adidas stores but regular ol' bodegas. Here's a photo of a shoe in a plexiglass case. Our question: Are they bolted down, because if not, they seem like very steal-worthy.

And here are the seven delis where the shoes are:
1. Deli Spring & Lafayette: Soho
2. Marlow & Sons: Williamsburg/Brooklyn
3. Grand Food Market Inc Grand and Crosby
4. Deli on Prince and Sullivan
5. Jewel News: Union Square
6. DeliMart: North 7/Bedford/Brooklyn
7. Deli Next to Arlene's Grocery: Lower East Side