A jury took just five hours to convict a Brooklyn bodega clerk of first-degree assault for hitting a teen in the head with a hammer during an April 2008 brawl in his East New York store. Today's conviction will get 36-year-old Salah Ahmed, a Yemeni-immigrant, a minimum penalty of five years in prison, with a maximum of 25 years. Chaotic surveillance footage from the incident depicted several teens fighting with another bodega clerk over a perceived slight. Ahmed had been napping in the back room when the fight broke out; after waking up he charged at the victim, Bunkless Bovian, who was fifteen at the time, and hit him with the hammer. The teen survived, but testified last week that he still suffers from "bad headaches." Ahmed's lawyer had unsuccessfully argued that the attack was in self-defense, and speaking to reporters today said, "We're obviously disappointed. I think he's just stunned." Sentencing is scheduled for May 28th.