People are hungry for answers after word came out that size 4 model Filippa Hamilton was fired from Ralph Lauren for being too "fat," and then that company Photoshopping her to look like a bobblehead doll for an ad in Japan.

One 15-year-old in the Bronx told the Daily News, "It makes me angry. They always want skinnier." A body image expert offered a common sense solution, saying: "I think we need to get a grip and designers need to get a clue. If a stunning size 4 model is too overweight to look good in their clothes, then they need to change their clothes, not the model."

After cease and desist threats to websites posting the image, and after claiming they had nothing to do with the Photoshopped Filippa, Ralph Lauren finally admitted they created the ad and have apologized. There's still model blood on their hands though! Hamilton remains fired, and her lawyer says he fears Ralph Lauren's treatment "will be extremely damaging to her."

And then there's the little matter of this other Photoshopped Ralph Lauren ad that popped up recently in Australia...