In an interview with John King on CNN last night, Bob Woodward said the Obama administration is considering shaking things up for the 2012 election. Some of Hillary Clinton's advisers say a Vice Presidential run with Obama is "on the table," and that current VP Joe Biden would take over for her as Secretary of State. "President Obama needs some of the women, Latinos, retirees that she did so well with during the 2008 primaries," says Woodward. However, Clinton doesn't seem to be on the same page, at least not publicly.

At "The Most Powerful Women Summit" today, Clinton told the audience, "I have no interest and no reason for doing anything other than just dismissing these stories and moving on because we have no time, so much to do." White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod agreed, saying last night, "There's absolutely nothing to it." Woodward explained their tight lips to CNN: "Now you talk to Hillary Clinton or her advisers and they say 'no, no there's not a political consideration here.' Of course the answer is, you point out to them that her clout around the world when she goes to Europe, Asia, anywhere is in part, not just because she's Secretary of State or because she was married to President Clinton, that people see a potential future president in her."

In other 2012 news, Donald Trump told MSNBC he is "absolutely thinking about" a presidential run, and a recent Gallup poll shows former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and half-term Alaskan governor Sarah Palin as the top GOP choices for a presidential run. Also, more people would rather have "None" than Chris Christie.