Our newest member of congress, Bob Turner, had a very busy day yesterday. Beyond getting sworn in and making a tiny procedural gaffe his first time at bat, he had a day full of meetings and congratulations. Also, he found Anthony Weiner's old toothbrush and requested that his office bathroom be sanitized post haste.

According to a Post source inside the office, “Weiner left his toothbrush behind! It literally says ‘Anthony’ on it. We made the assumption who Anthony was.

And apparently that brush didn't sit well with Turner's wife Peggy. According to the tabloid's insider she "personally requested that congressional cleaners be brought in to scrub the bathroom." Further there is "talk" replacing the carpeting and Weiner's old office chair...though Turner himself classily brushed it off when asked about it by reporters: "I’ll defer to the taxpayers. We’ll use what we got. That’s not the most important thing I have to deal with."

If they do ditch the chair though, it best get walked right over to the Smithsonian. That thing has history all over it!