Bob Turner, the Republican candidate to fill Anthony Weiner's seat in Congress, continues to use 9/11 as a campaign tactic as if he were Rudy Giuliani (who, incidently, endorsed him). Turner's newest tactic? Complain about how the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act went too far. And he's still against the "Ground Zero Mosque."

Speaking to the Daily News editorial board Turner said the bill "had a lot of things that could have been a lot better. I probably couldn't go home if I didn't support the Zadroga bill. I have firemen in my family, but is that bill beyond criticism? No." Specifically Turner thinks the bill is "too broad" and shouldn't cover volunteers. "My call would be to protect police, fire, emergency workers, construction workers, etc.," he said. "If someone said, 'I volunteered' or walked through there, it's just not the type."

Turner's smack against volunteers comes after the candidate used 9/11 imagery in his campaign ads and tried to restart the war of words over the so-called "Ground Zero" mosque. And yesterday Turner kept up his attack on the building, saying "I'll do what I can to see that it's not completed—it's a propaganda ploy."

Meanwhile, in other special election news, City Hall notices that while both candidates for Weiner's old seat are actively courting the Brooklyn/Queens district's Jewish and Asian votes one population is curiously absent from their campaigns: The 100,000 Latinos in the district, 40,000 of whom are registered voters (27,000 of them Democrats). Why is it curious? Well, there are just 33,000 registered Jewish Democrats in the district. Though neither candidate has shown the group much love, there is still time before the September 13th election. And it's especially important for Turner to assuage that bloc's concerns, "Given how poor the GOP brand is on immigration and unemployment issues, not to mention Medicare and Medicaid," one analyst said. "If the Democrats launch a robust and surgical GOTV drive amongst Hispanic and Asian Democrats, Weprin should win comfortably."