2005_04_bobkerrey.jpgMayor Bloomberg goes to Berlin to forward the city's Olympic bid, and what happens? His "friend," former Senator and current New School President Bob Kerry tells the NY Times that he might just run for mayor. Kerrey is annoyed with the Mayor's lack of success in getting Washington D.C. to fork over substantial Homeland Security funds to secure NYC and the Mayor's reluctance to really tangle with the Republican-controlled Congress. Bloomberg had asked Kerrey to head the Democrats for Bloomberg group, and Kerrey reportedly accepted. And Kerrey did credit the Mayor's handling of the school system and trying to calm race relations.

Now, Gothamist likes a great election year match up, and Lord knows, it'd be nice to have one this year, and while we do like Kerrey (anyone who says, "You know me: I am just crazy enough to do this" and is characterized as being crazy tends to be okay with us). But Kerrey's complaint about NYC needing more money from DC (okay, Kerrey's not a fan of the West Side Stadium, but that's not unusual as few New Yorkers are), while valid, does not make an effective NYC mayoral platform. And if he wants to slam the amount of success NYC has had in getting federal funds, then he should complain about Senators Schumer and Clinton and eye running for Senate. If Kerry campaigned, he'd have to explain what a recent NYC transplant was doing in the race. Here's the NY Times quote that addresses that:

"The hard truth of this is I became a New Yorker on the 11th of September, 2001. Now it's in my gene code. I lived here for four years, but thanks to Sept. 11, this is now my city. I care about what happens to it."

We're sure that if Kerrey did run, he'd go on and on about how his son was born on September 10, 2001, too; it's on his 9-11 Commission bio. Democratic political consultant Hank Sheinkopf says that Kerrey's announcement won't have much weight, since he's pretty unknown outside of "a small group of people who live in Manhattan." Democratic mayoral hopeful frontrunner Fernando Ferrer issued a statement saying, "I agree with Bob Kerrey's criticism of Mayor Bloomberg, and that's the reason I'm running."

Kerrey would have to face his admission that he killed women and children in Vietnam if he ran. And here are Kerrey's bios from Congress and New School; Kerrey said that even though he signed a new contract with the New School, he could break it. Poor, poor New School.