The Board of Elections: when they're not jamming scanners and sending polling place information off with errant mailmen, they're apparently adding 90 years to your life. A 73-year-old current Bronx resident has been told that her official year of birth, according to the BOE, is the pre-Civil War era of 1850—a major feat, considering the unofficial oldest person ever to have lived only reached the youthful age of 127. Something appears to have gone awry.

The Post reported the BOE's little mixup today, finding the birthdate for one Luz Pabellon to be January 1st, 1850. This is obviously an error—Pabellon's real birthdate is February 14th, 1941. "That’s very strange. I’ve been voting for many years," Pabellon told the tabloid after they informed her of the error.

The BOE told the Post that Pabellon's birthdate was simply mistranslated when the agency switched to computer databases. But it's problematic that no one noticed the error, and it raises some questions about how improperly registered voters affect voter fraud. "That’s so crazy," Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer told the paper. "I’ve never heard anything like that before. It’s just unbelievable."

Or perhaps Pabellon's real proof that Twilight's immortal vampires walk among us. One can never be too sure.

The BOE has not responded to request for comment.