The New York skyline got a little brighter recently. We can't say we'd noticed, but it seems that the Dursts have started lighting up the spire that caps the Bank of America tower off Bryant Park.

The shaft, which tops out at 1,200 feet, now slowly changes from blue to green to gold.

Apparently the building's neighbor, the Durst-owned home to Conde Nast, 4 Times Square has also started a similar light show and eventually, Durst tells the Post, the tower's top will play off of a proposed spire at 1 World Trade Center, when ever that building reaches its height of 1,776 feet.

We can't say we ever have a problem with a little more light in our skyline, but we aren't sure we'd really be boasting about how the tower's lights, like everything else in the building, are energy efficient. They're still unnecessary illumination being lit from dusk to midnight daily. Just saying!