Former Arby's pitchman and current mayoral candidate of choice for the Queens Republican Party Bo Dietl was last seen in these parts drowning in a pool of flop sweat as he attempted to explain how he didn't think all black people look the same. Shockingly, today, Dietl stands accused of anti-Semitism after yelling loudly about his "Jewish lawyer" in earshot of basically the entire world.

On a day when he was ostensibly trying to get some press by filing a challenge against presumptive GOP mayoral nominee Nicole Malliotakis's ballot petitions, Dietl told a room full of reporters that he'd "bring my Jewish lawyer over" to explain the technical details.

That didn't go over too well, as Mayor de Blasio released a statement that said Dietl's "anti-Semitic remark" shows "what Trump-style campaigning looks like in New York City." Dietl decided to just tweet through it though, and put out a message with the aesthetics of a hostage video in which his lawyer assured the world that he was not only proud to call Dietl a client but also a "very close friend" and that "he is the last thing of being an anti-Semite [sic]."

Dietl also tweeted that the mayor was the real anti-Semite (presumably because he took a picture with Muslim activist Linda Sarsour). In the same tweet, the self-proclaimed proud Italian-American also claimed that he was in fact, part Jewish...through marriage.

A spokesperson for Dietl couldn't be reached to clarify whether Dietl meant that a parent or grandparent had Jewish heritage or if he was making that claim because he once married a Jewish woman. In a recent interview Dietl told the New York Jewish Week "I feel very Jewish" because of his marriage and Jewish friends, but didn't claim any actual Jewish heritage. (A spokesperson for Dietl later told Gothamist that Dietl's father was Jewish).

Dietl has not, as far as anyone knows, ever told a friend "Three thousand years of beautiful tradition from Moses to Sandy Koufax, you're goddamn right I'm living in the fucking past."