With warm weather finally upon us, it has the Gothamist thinking, are people more likely to play hooky from school/work when it’s beautiful outside or miserable outside? This past winter there were many mornings where it was extremely difficult to get up and start our day. But now, who can sit and stare at a computer for 10 plus hours when the sun is shinning so high in the sky? We set out to find the answer.

As it turns, most of the research points to legitimate reasons for absenteeism and sick days. Things such as stress and job characteristics came up long before anything weather related. What we did find regarding the relationship between sick days and weather were mostly policies relating to inclement weather as opposed a beautiful sunshiny days.

Other very scientific findings that you may enjoy include an excuse generator and some ‘hunches’ from bosses regarding this elusive Blue Sky Flu but still not many people nor research willing to admit to this economic strain. Not to worry, we know “The Truth is out there” and we will find it for you.