crane_sunset.jpgHey, January weather had to happen some time! Yesterday was an abbreviated version of winter and even it disappointed. Instead of the 5-8 predicted inches, a lousy 1.3 inches of snow fell on Central Park, and only half an inch at JFK. Pathetic. The weather observers in the park kept busy reported the following conditions: freezing rain, light freezing rain, snow, light snow, fog, and fog with visibility less than a quarter of a mile. No graupel as Gothamist had hoped. Strong winds today and tomorrow will prolong the winter vibe. There may be inconsequential flurries later today as well.

Except for those flurries, sunny skies will be the rule for the next few days. Temperatures will be returning to more normal values as well. Normal highs for early March are in the mid-40s and rising. And, if we let the Weather Channel be our guide, high temperatures will be back into the 50s by late next week.

Sunset photo from |Shrued's photostream on Flickr (via Gothamist Contribute).