2007_12_bluepupsi.jpgIn addition to searching for the Ninja Burglar, Staten Island police can now look for the couple that stole a beloved Blue Sable Chihuahua. Rosie, a rare bread of chihuahua, was stolen from Deseree Fisher's home Tuesday night at around 8 p.m. by a pair of daring thieves. They didn't seem to be after electronics, jewelery, or cash when the broke down the door of the house while people were inside, just the dog. Fisher's son Jesse and his girlfriend were upstairs playing Guitar Hero when they heard a loud noise. He ran downstairs to see a man and woman rushing into an SUV. Ms. Fisher doesn't know who would buy Rosie, but her son may have told people how much she could fetch on the open market.

Fisher has notified the local ASPCA and area veterinarians about her stolen pooch, which is 7-months-old and 3.5 pounds. Besides her unique color, Rosie has a white stripe on her stomach and white rear paws. There's also a $5,000 reward for Rosie, which friend of the Fishers is offering up for the dog's safe return. Deseree's mother Linda said, "If they would bring her back, there would be no questions asked. There would be no problems for the person. We don't care who took her, we just want her back."