2007_02_jetbluenot.jpgSnow came last night and it's pretty much gone. The National Weather Service no longer has winter storm warnings, as there's just a little more "sleet and rain mixed with snow" (as per WABC 7) expected today.

But just because the weather is now manageable doesn't mean that JetBlue totally has its act together. The low-cost carrier canceled 68 flights in and out of JFK Airport today because of the snow. JetBlue claimed it was a pre-emptive measure to make sure crews and planes would be available, but customers were still frustrated.

Two passengers on a flight to from JFK to Raleigh, NC told the AP, "It was so bad. We were waiting on the plane for so long. You would think they would tell us to go back to the terminal after an hour or two." Apparently their plane was scheduled to leave at 9:45PM, was delayed until 11:47PM and went for de-icing. But then weather led the plane to be turned back to the terminal at 2:45AM. JetBlue says those passengers will get $100 vouchers for a future flight, plus a "refund or accommodation on a future flight," but we think those passengers should get another $50 for waiting it out based on their customer bill of rights.

We're not so sure why JetBlue is having these problems - we didn't hear about any other airlines causing so much passenger heartache.