Carol Ketover; Photo: NY Post

While in a Bloomingdale's dressing room, Carol Ketover, was horrified to find out that a camera had been filming her while changing. It turns out the Today show had been filming there that day, leaving the monitor was left in the dressing room. The Post describes Ketover's discovery in their usual too-much-information way:

Carol Ketover had already stripped down to her thong panties in the fifth-floor Sonia Rykiel changing area Feb. 17 when a flashing light drew her attention a monitor hidden under a chair, and she bent down to look.
"I saw my butt appear, and the more I bent, the clearer my butt became," said Ketover, 60. "I really panicked."

She is filing suit, naturally. Bloomingdale's claims the camera was off, but Ketover is worried that others saw her butt because people were laughing when she left the store. Lady, people would not be laughing, they'd be as freaked out. Gothamist did not realize this, but now we know: We never ever needed to know that 60 year-olds are wearing thongs, no matter how necessary they are.