Oh, Bloomie, Bloomie, Bloomie. Mayor Mike shot an arrow at State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer yesterday on his weekly WABC radio address. After Spitzer has moved to slow/stop/co-opt a number of his and Pataki's larger projects (read: The city's planned purchase of the West Side Rail Yards from the MTA and Moynihan Station) Bloomberg made it very clear that he thinks Spitzer needs to just let elected officials do their job:

"The tendency when you're near the end of an administration [is] to say, 'Oh, let's postpone everything for the next administration, so the next administration gets a chance to weigh in.' "

"We don't elect people for three-quarters of a term or for half of their term . . . We should accept their decisions right up until the last day."

Further, Bloomie pointed out that when he took office from Giuliani "some things changed. Each of us has different views. But what he did, I didn't try to undo. And I didn't ask him to stall and I didn't go and try to convince people to tell him to slow down." Snap!

On the one hand, we understand what Mike is saying. There is something irritating watching Spitzer position things such that actually interesting ideas can't go forward until Pataki is out of office. On the other hand, Spitzer responded with the point that he was only talking about these things because he had been asked about them by constituents. And it isn't like Pataki hasn't had, oh, twelve years to build himself the memorable legacy he is now making a mad dash to attain. Thank goodness this election will be over soon enough!

Mayor Bloomberg (at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) by kathryn via Contribute.