Separating your glass, plastic, newspaper and metal from your trash will be even more important as the city will sign a 20 year recycling contract and build a new recycling plant in Brooklyn. The NY Times calls it a "move that assures the city's broad recommitment to recycling," and Gothamist applauds this. We realize that Mayor Bloomberg needed to cut recycling early in his term for cost reasons, but it seemed demoralizing and, yes, decadent to us that we had to throw everything out together again - which is why we were excited that recycling came back earlier this year. At any rate, the new recycling plant will be just south of Red Hook, in what looks like Sunset Park; the NY Times article is also interesting because it talks about the economics of recycling (currently $50 to recycle a ton, may drop to $40 when the plant is built or even as low as $20) and how this move may affect recycling policies in other cities (one recycling market expert says, "Much like market analysts watch the Federal Reserve in order to assess monetary issues, many people look to New York City when it comes to municipal policies.").

The city will be signing a contract with Hugo Neu, a recycling compandy. And to find out when you should be recycling, check out the calendar at the NYC Department of Sanitation. It's important to recycle - you don't want a huge fire from your saved newspapers. And the DoS had to haul all the garbage from Madison Square Garden during the convention since private trucks weren't allowed.