The race for the city's next mayor is heating up, but Bloomberg apparently has his own plans following the end of his tenure in office: Ruin the taxi industry.

The Post reports that a moody Bloomberg let fly a string of profanity at Taxi Club Management CEO Gene Freidman at the Madison Square Garden's 1879 Club last Thursday, apparently over the fate of Bloomberg's embattled pet project, Taxi of Tomorrow .

The encounter came after a State Supreme Court judge last week blocked the administration's plan to mandate use of the new cab for all but a "few exempted owners" on the basis that it violated a city provision that requires a hybrid option.

According to the tabloid, Freidman approached Bloomberg at the club to ask about the ruling, which was clearly a mistake. "He turns to me, and said, ‘Come January 1st, when I am out of office, I am going to destroy your f--king industry,’ Freidman reportedly said.

“It was like Gene had kidnapped his child. He used the f-word twice,” a witness added. A spokesperson for Mayor Bloomberg did not respond to a request for comment.