Mayor Bloomberg wants to help you get over your slow-broadband internet blues. Well, maybe not your blues—Time Warner Cable is the worst, amirite?—but he certainly wants to help businesses get faster and more reliable access to the interwebs, and if that helps you out too, well isn't that nice? Yesterday Hizzoner and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn laid out a number of new initiatives aimed at "bolstering the growing tech sector and allowing businesses and residents to access high-speed internet."

"Broadband is the infrastructure of the modern age, and a basic necessity not just for tech businesses, but for every business. These initiatives will harness market dynamics and create increased transparency to incentivize the private sector to expand New York’s broadband infrastructure," said Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert K. Steel in a release announcing the initiatives.

So what are we talking about here? For one, the city is going to be holding a competition to build out fiber optic wiring for commercial and industrial buildings and another competition to develop mobile apps to help New Yorkers access critical city services (the city does love its mobile app challenges these days). In addition, they want to start a grading program for connectivity in city buildings and to create a crowd-sourced map of wired buildings city wide. And that's not all! They're also mulling streamlining the process for broadband-related permits and "exploring the streamlining of regulatory issues."

Besides that last point we're not quite sure if this will do much of anything to help deal with the fact that non-commercial broadband in the city is something of a nightmare for many of us—though maybe some people like having their internet go on and off for no particular reason? It is a good excuse to go outside—but that's neither here nor there. Businesses comes first! You can check out the full, and pretty long, list of proposals over here.