For the first time, Mike Bloomberg's own mother won't be attending his inauguration. Hizzoner insists it's not a slap in the face—it's supposed to be cold tomorrow and the woman turns 101 on Saturday—and anyway, his third inauguration is going to be a low-key affair that puts "service ahead of celebration," as the Mayor's spokesman puts it. About 4,200 people are expected to attend the one-hour ceremony at City Hall, which might be worth checking out because they're handing out commemorative biodegradable mugs, paid for by the mayor and filled with hot apple cider! But despite the cup of cheer, there's going to be a noticeable lack of star power.

No Liza, no Wynton, and no Bette Midler singing the national anthem! Instead, firefighter Frank Pizzaro will sing "The Star Spangled Banner." Speeches will be kept short because of the bad weather expected, and then Bloomberg will go volunteer, the Times reports. First stop is Staten Island’s borough hall to assemble care packages for soldiers, then Long Island City to sort donated items for schools and cultural groups, and finally Hunts Point to help to paint a mural at a recreation center. If any good can come of this, it's going to be photos of Bloomberg wearing a painting smock.

On Saturday, despite his mother's snub, Bloomberg will dutifully head up to Massachusetts to celebrate her birthday. Today, Bloomberg was officially be sworn in by City Clerk Michael McSweeney in City Hall, because all citywide politicians must take the oath of office before New Year's Day. Incoming Public Advocate Bill de Blasio took the oath yesterday and paid his $9 fee, telling the Daily News, "It's a humbling moment." Indeed, the fee was just 15 cents when Bloomberg was sworn in for his first term!