First they came for the cigarettes, then they came for the trans fats; after they shoved calorie counts in our faces, they tried to take away our giant sodas. And now, Mayor Bloomberg has turned his eye toward tanning salons in what may turn out to be his final health initiative as mayor.

According to the Post, the Bloomberg Administration will submit a plan to the Board Of Health on Tuesday that puts strict new restrictions on city tanning salons. The Health Department will be required to inspect tanning salons, UV machines and timers at least once every two years; unlicensed operators will be shutdown with prejudice; operators of UV equipment will have to undergo training; and there'll be a new public education campaign about how bad tanning is.

“There is no doubt that tanning increases the risk of skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer,” said Daniel Kass, the city’s deputy health commissioner for environmental health. “We want to make sure kids are not using these salons.” Of course, enforcing that rule.