Diana Taylor is best known to New Yorkers as Mayor Bloomberg's girlfriend, but she's raising her public profile as a political contender. She recently confirmed that, yes, she was considering running against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand this fall, but decided not to, because "My significant other is the mayor of New York City, so that would be really complicated." And now, she tells NBC New York, "I think I could have" won over Gillibrand.

Taylor admited (video after the jump), "I think it would have been a very difficult race. It would have been a lot of work, which I'm not afraid of." Taylor, the former state banking superintendent under Governor George Pataki, now serves on over a dozen boards plus works at a private equity firm. Noting how critics would have accused her of a pro-NYC bias, she said she could see a "cartoon Chuck Schumer with a Kirsten Gillibrand puppet and Mike Bloomberg with a Diana Taylor puppet—you could see that in the Post!" though "it would not have been fair for me. I don't know about Kirsten but it would not have been fair for me."

Taylor says of Gillibrand, "I don't know what she really believes in," and seems to be considering a possible 2012 challenge, "I'm not old." Currently, Taylor's political work these days is supporting candidates like Reshma Saujani in her primary challenge against Rep. Carolyn Maloney, or Republican Senate hopeful David Malpass. She doesn't want to be mayor of NYC...though, "I'm not gonna rule anything out. Never say never."

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