First dates are tough: you don't want the person to know that you actually spend all your time in the same dingy dive, but no matter what super scientific online dating surveys say, dropping $100 on dinner reeks of trying too hard. Museums show you're cultured, but all the line-waiting and pretending to know about Kandinsky can get tiring. Movies: staid and boring (you're both just sitting in the dark!), and concerts are fine if you don't mind shouting over the bass. So what does New York City's Bachelor-in-Chief think is the "best spot in NYC" for a first date? "The Staten Island Ferry!" In January? Poor Diana.

This comes as welcome news to Staten Islanders, who enjoy watching sunsets from boats because they're all sensitive. Presumably you'd make the round-trip and finish up with dinner at Applebees. Some on Twitter applauded Bloomberg's (or most likely his flack's) suggestion, but our favorite reaction comes from @2nga: