Mayor Bloomberg gave his second update of the day on Hurricane Irene, and once again reminded residents who live in Zone A that, "if you haven't left, you should." He further went on to chastise those who would stay there for the thrill: "it may be fun to say you walked around a hurricane, but it won't be fun to say it from your hospital bed."

Bloomberg said that one person has been seriously injured after he fell off a ladder while boarding up his home. He also emphatically told residents to not mess with the trash cans—which have been purposefully turned upside down and against the walls of buildings—and to stop trying to turn them the right side up.

He warned that there is a chance that ConEd will be forced to shut down parts of its grid because of flooding—the water system should still work, but he recommended that you should considering filling tubs and sinks with water tonight. NYCHA residents in evacuation areas were instructed to leave, and Bloomberg mentioned that even though 370,000 people have been ordered to evacuate, only 1,400 have checked into city shelters.

The Mayor also addressed the possibility of looting: "This is New York. We don't have that sort of thing...That's just not the New York of today."